What’s MINTpack?

MINTpack is an environmentally friendly carton based sleeve.

It is superior to the 30 year old standard plastic box, the jewel case, because it offers sturdier packaging with better protection for the CD while also representing the greenest option available.

MINT pack is made from FSC certified carton and doesn’t contain oil based raw materials. This zero oil packaging can prevent the emission of 700 g of CO2 for every album produced.

Cost: MINTpack is a realistic alternative to the jewel box, and is significantly cheaper than any currently used carbon based packaging such as digipack or digisleeve.

Volume: 50% less bulky than a jewel box while retaining the spine.

Weight: 60% lighter than jewel box, and thus significantly reducing transport costs.

MintPack comes:

– with a single pocket for one CD

–  two pockets for one or two CDs plus a booklet


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