Cardboard, not plastic

MINTpack CD sleeves are made from chlorine free bleached FSC certified cardboard. (The FSC® label guarantees that the timber used for producing the cardboard is sustainably sourced.)

Cuts your CD’s greenhouse gas emissions by 95%!

Shifting to a pure card option such as MINT pack would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your CD packaging by around 95 percent. (Source: Julie’s Bicycle Impacts and Opportunities, 2009)

CD packaging is the greatest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the life cycle of the CD product. The GHG emissions for entirely plastic ‘jewel’ case packaging options are significantly higher than for the pure card and even mixed plastic and card options.

The automated process for assembling discs and booklets in MINT pack, and the volume and weight reduction of more than 50% compared to plastic box, rationalise energy consumption in the manufacturing and distribution logistics.

MINT pack is produced at ISO 14001 certified print operations. Any waste and excess product, either from returns or over-production, using cardboard-only packaging such as MINT pack, can be fully recycled.

No oil products involved

MINT pack is doesn’t contain oil based raw materials. This zero oil packaging can prevent the emission of 700 g of CO2 for every album produced.

Part of Industry Green

The MINT pack is eligible to carry the IG mark for record companies and brokers participating in the environmental certification scheme Industry Green. Find out more See: http://www.juliesbicycle.com/industry-green


MINTpack is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions relative to music production and distribution by 50% : that’s 280 000 tons per year in Europe (the equivalent of removing  150 000 cars from our roads!)

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