Another green festival: Sunrise

A couple of months ago we were very excited about the festival season, and the flurry of green initiatives festival organisers have started implementing.

If you’re anything like us, you might be feeling a little bit deflated, because so far festival season looks set to be a little bit like this:


There’s still a whole week for things to get better though, so why not take a chance and book tickets for Sunrise festival, one of the UK’s greenest and most sustainable festivals taking place from May 30th to June 2nd in Somerset?

In the past couple of years the festival’s already racked up a Guardian Ethical Travel Award, a Greener Festival Award and a Green Parent Festival Award. It’s easy to see why: as well as being family friendly, the festival has a very comprehensive set of initiatives to make sure it has as little environmental impact as possible. There’s free spring water, refillable plastic bottles and Sunrise cups, some solar and wind power, a disposable nappy recycling service, a swapping and up-cycling service, compost toilets… the list goes on! It’s no surprise Sunrise’s been picked as one of the best boutique festivals of 2013, and it’s set to be the place to party guilt-free this summer.

Check out the Sunrise line-up, featuring artists like Dub Pistols, E.V.P or Utah Saints, or let last year’s video get you in the mood:


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