The album art critic

It’s easy to take things too seriously – the socio-ecologist impact of the badger cull, say, or that guy at work whose mumbled jokes are just the wrong side of inappropriate.

But when it comes to album art, shouldn’t we keep things light, breezy and carefree? No, says the Album Art Critic. Hellz no. Carlo McCormick is a senior editor for Papermag, a New York guide “on the front lines of cultural chaos since 1984”, who enjoys judging a book album by its cover. Watch:

Empty signifiers? Pandering to the lowest common denominator? Compositional cohesiveness? Yes, the Album Art Critic takes his trade very seriously indeed, but you have to respect someone who tries to find meaning in a Tenacious D cover featuring, ahem, “maybe a ballsack”.

What does he make of the the Maroon 5 cover for Overexposed, which was printed on MINTPack’s neat cardboard CD packaging?

“It lacks meaning, but you, know, it’s good.”

Watch the whole episode here – his take on Justin Bieber as a “false god” had us nodding sagely and stroking our beards in agreement.


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