MINTpacked: Olivia Ruiz, Le Calme et La Tempête


Over the next few weeks we’re going to showcase some of the artists who’ve chosen MINTPack, the green cardboard CD sleeve, for their new releases.

Up first is Olivia Ruiz, the French-Spanish singer-songwriter partial to a bit of Nouvelle Chanson. Her latest album, Le Calme et la Tempête, was released last December and features songs like My Lomo & Me, in which a voyeuristic woman holes up in hotel rooms to take snapshots of happy smiling people. Mmmmkay, Olivia, that’s totally normal behaviour. Step away from the Holga.

Feeling a bit stalker-creepy these days? Check out Volver on the same album, a languorous number that would be right at home on a David Lynch soundtrack:


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