So sad for HMV and Virgin Mega Store….but why

The end of Virgin in France and HMV in the UK is certainly a huge blow for the Physical Market, but even more sad for the people working there.

We, at MINTpack, are trying to urge all the market to react to the fall.
Yes download is more convenient but some people are still happy to own the music.

But today there is two main problems:

1) even if you want to buy CDs, there is no more shop. So there is no room for impulse buying, the market need to find a solution to this one, maybe not huge HMV but a solution.
2) the packaging of the CD, the Jewel Box, is 30 years old!!! The plastic box is ugly and no you dont want it to clutter your living room.

There is much more problems, but where are the innovators. Labels, retailers distributors are all like rabits in the headlights, they are responsible of teh fall because they dont even believe in their product any more.

Please react!!


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