Of Monsters and Men are MINT

Another small band that make the right choices

You might as weel be green when you are number one!!

But why did they choose MINTpack? In fact, I dont know.

But what I know, is for artists who are releasing a small initial run and at the same time want to avoid the ugly classic Jewel Box (your 30 years old plastic box) the option are not huge

Digisleeve: Yep but the less you print the more you pay. A small run in digisleeve cost twice as much as the standard packaging.

Digipack: Even more expensive and already you have a plastic tray, so you are getting into oil burning!

Then you are left with the Jewel Box, 100 gram of oil consumming 1200 g of carbon per unit, lovely!

This is where MINTpack come handy for small release as it is cheapper than Jewel Box and is also green. Even Ellie Goulding is using it for her super deluxe version of Halcyon http://elliegoulding.com/music-release/halcyon/

So pick the wrong packaging for your initial order and you can be in big trouble if you take off, as the choice of manafacturing will affect you and the planet.
Of Monsters and Men did well.

Now with 600 artists in 12 months joining us, we getting there.






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