How to get rid of 280 000 tons of carbon per year….the equivalent of 150 000 cars!!!!!!!

I know this one is going to be fun!!!!

Sorry but at some point, we need to check the maths, so we looked around for the best studies.

Here we’re comparing the impact of different CD packaging on the environment: in particular the difference between Jewel Box and MINTpack. Jewel Box is the standard polystyrene box, which has been around your CD for about 30 years, MINTpack is a new carton based packaging.

Based on THE ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS OF DIFFERENT MUSIC DELIVERY METHODS ,  we can work out that every single CD produced in Jewel Box will generate 1400g of CO2.

I assumed here that you are not going to town in your car just to buy a CD, if you do, please, please start downloading!

Now, the MINTpack is 40 % lighter than the Jewel Box and 50% less bulkier. This allows a reduction of approximately 50% of all the logistics costs.

Furthermore, the production of paper based packaging (based on FSC sourced paper) compared with plastic based packaging reduces carbon production by 95%, study from Julie’s Bicycle.

On this basis, producing a MINTpack and disc will generate only 700 g of CO2, compare to 400 g for a download. This isn’t perfect, but it’s not bad at all.

The Amazon numbers (E-tail Road on the graph in the right) look bad here, but bear in mind this is for one CD, multi CDs will improve the numbers. Furthermore, these are 2009 figures, Amazon would have dramatically improved the situation since; from other analysis on this subject (Retail vs eRetail) we can argue that eRetail is coming close to Retail today.

So the conclusion is: MINTpack could halve the amount of CO2 produced by the music industry every year, removing 280 000 tons of CO2 in Europe alone. 280 thousand tons is the amount of CO2 produced by 150 000 cars per years on our road!


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