Labels, please listen to your consummers

We have observed in the market that more and more labels are multiplying available versions of the same album. We see in this a dangerous trend where labels develop a OPP, MPP, and HPP (Optimum, Medium and High Price Point), obviously to capture as much margin as possible.
The purpose of these different versions is to offer different products depending on the fan expectation. At MINTpack we should be delighted with this, as we are directly benefiting from the multiplication of the versions, which means labels more or less systematically offering a MINTPack version.
But we believe that this approach is alienating consumers. If you looking to current very successful design models, there are based on simplicity and ease for consumer. Take Apple or Google, for example. These companies understood the need to respect the consumer and offer a “simple”, intuitive interaction. Give the consumer the feeling that he can get value and effectiveness from his interaction with the product.
With physical albums, the multiplicity of versions very often upsets and confuses the average buyer: what is the real difference between a Deluxe, Standard, or “Cheap” version of the same album? The booklet, extra tracks, packaging?????
This confusion drives consumer towards the simplicity of iTunes where you know exactly what you are getting with no fuss.
We believe labels should build a strong, high quality version of an album and stick to it, making it clear that when you pick it up from the shelf that you are getting what the artist wanted you to take away, and not what the label has cooked up for you to maximise profits.


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