4 million of green CDs

We started MINTpack project roughly a year ago. In the begging, there was our expertise, experience and then – THE idea. As many other start-ups, we had our doubt time, many questions, sleepless nights and all that, but now, looking back before leaving to holidays, we are very glad and satisfied.

The idea came from something very simple that we came across in our work, the absence of a true alternative to the jewel case. Cardboard sleeves had made their appearance in the CD packaging market some years ago, but were quite expensive. Greener and nicer, but costly. Most artists couldn’t afford them. That’s how we came up with an idea of a cardboard sleeve that would be green and cost-efficient.

Now, a bit later, we are humbly happy: we have just reached 4 million CDs sold, and among others, independent and major labels, also Sony have joined the MINTpack crowd. By now, mintpacked artists have been on first places of charts. We’re proud to provide CDs for Paul McCartney, Elton John, George Harrison, Keane, Maroon 5, Gotye, Ellie Goulding and many others, altogether some 180 releases in 10 countries.

Could we wish for more? Sure. More and more of mintpacked music! Last week, the official charts said that now 34% of all albums are digital. We say that by the end of year 2013 the other 66% should soon be mintpacked!

4 million of Mintpacks is also equivalent to 240 tons of polystyrene not produced and lots of transport costs and emissions saved.


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