CD packaging (hi)story

© webhamster

© webhamster

In a lazy summer mood, one of us here at MINTpack came up with a quite silly and a bit ironic question: “How comes that poor CDs actually got jewel cases for packaging?” Erm, right…

Sure, CD was a new music format, but vinyls who had the shape and resistance of a CD were always packed in a card sleeve. Or have missed something?

In a coffee debate, we designated the cassette as the guilty. It was probably too bulky, square and fragile to have a card packaging that would last, so someone sticked it into a polystyrene shell. By the time CD came, packagers had already forgotten about the ease of a card sleeve… It makes sense, doesn’t it?

We googled and found an answer at Philips. They say, the new packaging needed to protective, good-looking and easy for mass production, so Peter Doodson, working for the Philips Design, created (the very polluting) jewel case. It was in the far far 1981.

We still think he borrowed’ the idea about the material from the cassette case…

Read the whole history of jewel box here:


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