The crash test

Photo by Mykl Roventine @Flickr

Photo by Mykl Roventine @Flickr

Couple of weeks ago we already submitted a MINTpack CD sleeve to a test, the volume test. We proudly remind that it beat its competitors –  the jewel cases –  by being 50% more shelf-friendly or 50% less voluminous.

For those of you who were not impressed or not interested in volumes, we’ll reveal that couple of months before we already executed a cruel and potentially destructive testing: a jewel case vs MINTpack crash test. Totally pointless, of course. We know that CDs normally don’t get run over by cars. But we wanted to show how resistant and protective a MINTpack can actually be.

This test is quite pervert and unfair. Because the old jewel cases loose ‘teeth’ rather quickly and generally get easily damaged by any kind of falls and crashes. No need to be run over by a car. Many CDs actually have two jewel cases trough their life…You see the point?

So, here it is: we put a MINTpack and a jewel case (apologies, LMFAO) on the street and let the cars run over.

And no, we didn’t change the CDs. Macca’s Kisses on the Bottom was totally undamaged. Enjoy!


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