Jewel cases were great in the 80-ties…

Couple of days ago, standing in front of a newsstand with a friend, I said to him  that for mysterious reasons music magazines – Uncut/Mojo/Rolling Stone/Word/Q/etc are still wrapping they free CDs in jewel cases. Has someone an old stock of jewel boxes to kill and they give them away for free? Or very very very cheap?

Why would anyone – especially a music magazine – still use the old and bulky jewel box these days? The CD alone weights as much as the magazine.

I defended Uncut, saying that last time when I bought the magazine (June or July 2010) in Paris, their free CD was in a very thin and light cardboard envelope. True, said my friend, BUT ONLY IN PARIS. In UK, it was/is still in a jewel box. Whaaa…

Clearly, for overseas, the costs of transportation might have made Uncut think and opt for a minimalist cardboard sleeve. But it’s just a guess. May be they had run out of their free jewel boxes.

Jewel cases were great in the 80. Now they look clumsy, old and by now we all are aware that plastic (or polystyrene) is not fantastic for environment either.

Price of alternative and green packaging was an issue once, but it is not anymore. Now cardboard sleeves like ours cost as much as jewel boxes. Wake up, Uncut & co, and save the environment (and also on your transportation costs). And stop promoting the old, polluting jewel boxes like we were in 80-ties!


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