Paper vs plastic: The volume test

I am sure that by now you have already heard that MintPack’s CD sleeve is environmentally friendly and also cheaper than the old polystyrene jewel box and other carton based packaging. So we’re not going to insist on that.

Is there more to say? Yes. MintPack is also 50% less bulky than a jewel box.

Here’s how it looks: our two pocket MintPack next to almost vintage P.J.Harvey’s To Bring You My Love double CD, released on 1995 by Island Records. (Plus a Playmobil Pirate, abandoned in our offices by a junior member of  the team). 10 mm for the polystyrene pocket and 5 mm for ours. Just as our official stats say: 50 % less volume!

So, why less volume matters, actually?

– Less volume means more CDs in the same truck and reduced transportation costs. MintPack is actually also 60% lighter. More CDs for everyone and less impact on the environment.

– The shop that sells your CD, can store more CDs in the same shelf. (We already had a look at Bob Marley shelf in the local store). The same is valid for the distribution center.

– Many of you who are still buying loads of CDs, will not need new piece of furniture to store your music collection.

For those of you who want to come up with ‘but’, ‘if’, ‘still’, wait for our next tests. We’ll convince you that with MintPack, the carbon footprint of CD packaging can be reduced by up to 95%.  You’ll have virtually no more excuses to choose the old jewel box.

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  1. […] of weeks ago we already submitted a MINTpack CD sleeve to a test, the volume test. We proudly remind that it beat its competitors –  the jewel cases –  by being 50% more […]

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