Keane going green

Remember 2007?  Keane was to go green!

Back then, Keane, the British band, credited Al Gore with their decision to “go exclusively green” on their next album. The rockers after having played at London leg of the Live Earth concert (July 2007) said they wanted to record their next LP in an eco-friendly studio and produce the discs from a biodegradable material.

The frontman Tom Chaplin said that meeting former U.S. vice-president/Live Earth organiser Al Gore influenced them to make the eco-friendly changes.

“Anyone who tells you that global warming is a myth is living in the past. We can all make changes in our own lives. We can all put pressure on our governments and businesses,” told Chaplin after the concert.

With Strangeland, they’re step forward! It’s available in our environmentally friendly MintPack!

And just to remind that this is the green sign to look for when choosing your CDs. Julie’s Bicycle give green accreditation to the music business labelling them with this Industry Green sign.


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