Keane and George Harrison join MINTpack!

Press Release MINTpack 07/05/2012

After Gotye, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley and Paul McCartney, now George Harrison’s Early Takes volume 1 has been released on MINTpack packaging.

MINTpack is an innovative cardboard packaging for CDs. MINTpack is superior to the 30 year old standard plastic box, the Jewel Box, because it offers sturdier packaging with better protection for the CD while also representing the greenest option available.

This zero oil packaging can prevent the emission of 700 g of CO2 for every album produced.

Keane is also using MINTpack to release the Deluxe version of their album Strangeland today, demonstrating that MINTpack is the first eco-friendly packaging that allies high quality for the consumer with environmental protection.

MINTpack is aiming to reduce GHG emissions relative to music production and distribution by 50% : that’s 280 000 tons per year in Europe (the equivalent of removing  150 000 cars from our roads!)

About Odessa

Odessa is an independent consultant company based in Belgium licensing MINTpack to the main printers in the music industry. Odessa focuses it activities around helping labels improve their Physical Supply Chain


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