Bob Marley, right or wrong?

Left or right? Spot the difference!

Ok, let’s start by declaring up front, this makes no difference to us, we are not producing this album or making any money out of it.

So, we have these two very similar albums in our local shop. Similar, but so different. What we know is despite the fact that the music is the same on both versions here, there is still huge difference:

On my right, with a weight of 110 g of polystyrene, or if you prefer approximately 200 gram of crude oil, the 30 year old jewel Box; on my left 70 g of paper, based on purposely grown forest (which while growing consumed carbon), the 6 months old MINTpack.

On my right, the one that will travel by 100 000 units max per truck, whereas the left Marley can easily squeeze with some other 199 999 units, reducing the transport by half.

On my right, the little plastic box has travelled from very far away, probably China; on my left, it’s 100% European.

The product on the right is producing 95% more carbon than the product on the left. Not me saying! You can read the full report here.

On my right a version that cost not much more to produce but cost more and more as the oil is going up as we speak. On my left, green version that is already cheaper to produce and leaving more money to Marley family and all their charities.

You know, of course, which version we purchased.

Why would you buy the right version? Probably, just because they don’t know the difference.

This is a tremendous album, I rediscover a man that we all love so much.

There is no doubt that this could sell well above 500 ooo units, therefore if you all choose the MINTpack instead of the usual jewel box, this would be 50 ton less of plastic, or 100 tons of crude oil not used!!!!

Fingers crossed!

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  2. […] 40 labels are now in MINTpack and not only young artists like Kathleen, we have two Beatles , Bob Marley, Gotye too and so so many more others. The up coming big one is TAL with the album A […]

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