They are ready, now it is your turn

You might have guessed that I spent my Saturday at record store day looking for vinyls, but also checking if MINTpack is making it into stores, and I have to say we are getting mixed results:

Artists: OK
Even guys like Jack Jonhson are asking their label to use MINTpack. Ok, Jack has always been green, in fact, we came up with this new design because some six years ago we were pushed by this guy to get him something better than a jewel case.
So today artists are aware that there something better out there, a true alternative. The short list includes: Paul McCartney, Gotye, Paul Weller, Bob Marley (ok, not exactly Bob himself, but I’m sure he’d approve), Keane and many others.
Labels: OK
They are now ready to create a SKU with a MINTpack, there are now nearly 3 million MINTpacks in the market, or if you prefer 180 tons of polystyrene that was not created! So far, so good.
Retail : …not OK
I tried to buy the soundtrack of the new Bob Marley film and was offered the Jewel Box ref (no need to say, I did not take it). Retailers are not making the link between MINTpack and the green impact. I was even more puzzled when I saw one of them stockpiling the Paul Weller in JB and not the MINTpack. This is crazy as the MINTpack is lighter and takes up less space, so retailers could only benefit from stocking MINTpack, instead of JB… Doesn’t really makes sense!
But well, I really think everyone in the (supply) chain are trying to do their best. Artists, labels, retailers all are ready to embrace the eco-friendly approach but they are here to make money, and they are scared of the consumer reaction.
We now have a responsibility to show them that they have made the right choice.
How can a consumer know that MINTpack is better for the planet than a jewel box?
I am struggling with this one obviously. We, at MINTpack are a small team, we’re not marketing experts, we come from the music packaging business, we have design this product, we are not even making it, we have all the best print music packaging printers for that. No, we are coming from the creative viewpoint and are trying to shift ourselves into the marketing arena.
We need to find a communication channel to consumers to explain to then that the ecological choice is MINTpack. It will take a lot of convincing, but is is worth it.

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