Save the planet and enjoy it…start with music

Ok it may be a bit optimistic to save the whole planet in one go but we can all do something to save our music.

Rolling Stones Magazine promised us the end of the CD for 18th April 2015. We are used to this kind of prophesy, after all many people have been claiming the end of the world many times before and saving our souls for a vast amount of cash…. On the same type of grim message, in 2011, rumours abounded that majors were going to stop releasing physical in 2012.

As a guy dealing with all the majors and all the suppliers, I can tell you this is far from correct. The industry is booming and there have never been so many small indies. Though it is true that releasing 3 million physical copies in one go is not as common as it used to be.

Where Rolling Stone is right though, I believe  anyway, is in predicting the end of the Jewel Box (the polystyrene box around your CD) within 3 years. Respect for the ugly old lady, this lovely box is more than 30 years old and has created more than 5 million tons of plastic since its infancy.  5 million TONS!!!!!

This is not sustainable and yes ,it is killing the physical music industry.

All recent studies point to increasing interest in greener living. What does your average band do about it? They are pretty good when it come to festival, where green messages are everywhere. But what about their albums?

Actually very few do anything to make their releases greener.  Not because bands are unwilling to do anything but because of a lack of knowledge or lack of appetite for innovation from their labels.

So please spread the world, pass on the message to your favourite band: it is not good enough to asked us to collect empty glasses at Glastonbury, they can also change their own behaviour, change the products they are creating and think a little bit more about the planet. People like Ben Harper or Jack Johnson can do it: surely others can too.

And yes, using MINTpack is one of the solutions, MINTpak is available at most CD producers nowadays, but it is not the only solution, anything is better than the standard Jewel Box.

Digipak already reduces the impact of packaging by more than 60%, card sleeves other than MINTpack exist, Pozzoli in Europe will do very good quality green sleeve, DADC and Arvato can supply a full array of solutions. All we need to do is put pressure on our preferred artists and beg them to stop the massacre. And “no” (to the question you have not asked but labels will: this is no longer more expensive that the plastic box)

So make your preferred band aware that there is alternative to plastic and you would prefer to own a  CD that respects the environment: this is certainly the future of CDs.


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