The green revolution in music packaging

Sonik Kicks becomes the first eco friendly CD packaging to make it to number one in the UK album chart

Paul Weller’s new album, Sonik Kicks, has hit number one this week, and thanks to Paul Weller has a 100% green CD packaging, the MINTpack.

MINTpack is a new design FSC digisleeve that offers the music industry the opportunity to be genuinely green without sacrificing profitability:  it is the first environmentally friendly packaging option that can compete on price with the classic jewel box.

The jewel box has been the default choice for packaging CDs for the last 30 years, creating in excess of 20 000 tons of polystyrene every year in Europe alone.  MINTpack reduces the carbon impact of CD packaging by 95% and as it’s lighter and less bulky, it’s also cheaper and less environmentally damaging to transport and store.

MINTpack has recently been used by Paul McCartney for Kisses on the Bottom and by Gotye for Making Mirrors. We are delighted to announce that MINTpack has also been selected for the Deluxe version of the new Keane album, Strangeland, to be released in early May.

MINTpack is a popular, rapidly expanding quality alternative to the jewel case, and is gradually becoming the new standard.

So, as Gil Scott Heron says, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, the revolution will be live.



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