Do you think MOJO Magazine care?

Open letter to Phil Alexander Editor-In-Chief at Mojo Magazine

Dear Phil

Picking up my copy of Mojo early this month, I was intrigued by your CD compilation prepared by Paul Weller: most of the magazines I picked up in kiosks did not have the CD attached and some had broken boxes. As a music-packaging specialist, I can see the problems you are facing, gluing a heavy rigid box to soft paper.

I was particularly amused, because this month Paul Weller is releasing Sonik Kicks in a packaging format that will be much more convenient for your magazine.

Sonik Kicks is released on MINTpack, an environmentally friendly packaging that is rigid, but much lighter and sturdier than the plastic Jewel Box. As you can imagine, if Majors are using MINTpack, it is also because it is cheaper than the Jewel Box even on small print runs.

Beyond the positive economic impact and the quality improvements that the product brings, it has also been extremely well received by consumers. Julie’s Bicycle has conducted extensive research on the positive consumer impact of cardboard packaging and JB endorses the MINTpack as it reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging by 95%.

We are the developers behind Mintpack. We don’t interfere with the suppliers, which means that the supply chain remains unchanged for all the majors. At Odessa we are simply keen to promote this solution that could potentially remove 20 000 tons of plastic from the European music market.

Should you be interested in investigating this solution for your magazine, I am available to provide you with more details and assist you.

I believe that this solution could facilitate your magazine distribution, whilst demonstrating your innovative spirit to your customers. I hope to have the opportunity of briefly discussing this solution with you at some point, so do not hesitate to contact me.


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