Offical Press Release: Paul Weller good and green

Press Release 19/03/2012

Paul Weller releases Sonik Kicks on MINTpack in Europe.

Like many major artists and labels, Paul Weller has chosen the most environmentally friendly packaging to release his new album: the MINTpack.

MINTpack is an innovative FSC cardboard wallet. This new product offers a more robust CD packaging solution as well as a much more luxurious feel for the consumer.

MINTpack is the first economically viable alternative packaging solution to compete with the 30 year old standard plastic Jewel Box.

In the first 4 months of its existence, MINTpack has prevented the manufacture of 90 tons of plastic boxes, and has the potential to eliminate 20 000 tons of plastic boxes per year from the music industry in Europe.

Developed and produced in Europe this packaging is accredited by Julie’s Bicycle, the UK based non-profit organization working with the arts and creative industries to understand and reduce their environmental impact.

MINTpack is the first major revolution in CD packaging since the birth of the Jewel Box 30 years ago.

About Odessa

Odessa is an independent consultancy based in Belgium, licensing MINTpack to the main printers in the music industry.

Odessa focuses its activities around helping labels improve their Physical Supply Chain.


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