Humans Invent: MINTpack are approaching packaging in a different light

More to come soon, but lets archive this one. After all we are proud of what we all are doing for the planet!

Humans Invent, 16th February 2012

MINTpack: Eco-friendly packaging
Leo Kent

MINTpack are approaching packaging in a different light.

Despite it’s rather majestic name the Jewel Box refers to the standard plastic case that CDs have been packaged in for 30 years. People often complain that digital music has left us bereft of the tangible but who ever really coveted this clumsy piece of clattering plastic that housed the CD?

The Jewel box, if not the CD itself has become a bit of a mediocre inbetweener, neither beautiful in itself like vinyl nor convenient like digital downloads.

However, over the past few years, in a bid to keep CD sales alive, many bands have discarded the Jewel Box for more funky and eccentric CD packaging. Take, for example, Daft Punk’s pyramid case that came complete with two Daft Punk action figurines.

The problem is however, these ostentatious cases are not commercially viable. They just cost way too much to make which is why unconventional packaging for CDs will usually only be used for a limited number while the rest will come in the boring old Jewel Box format.

However, the media packaging company, Odessa, is boasting a new type of CD case called MINTpack that is both cheap and environmentally friendly. This board-based packaging is cheaper than both the Jewel Box and polystyrene/board cases and does not use oil-based raw materials that are so environmentally damaging.

According to Odessa, if all CDs shifted to their pure card option it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the life cycle of the CD product by up to 95%. Paul McCartney is releasing his new album Kisses on the Bottom, with MINTpack, which will no doubt be a great advert for the company.!/5502/mintpack-eco-friendly-packaging/


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