Shifting the paradigm…

OK, from the previous post you know we are not writers here, and now you shall know that we are not movie makers either. But it was worth trying.

Look, what we have done! We have something to make you change your mind and shift the paradigm! Seriously, will you decide after having seen this video that the best choice for you CD is the plastic box?

I can already see some of you saying this is not the same disc… That we have cheated. If you don’t believe, you can try yourself and you’ll see!

(By the way, have you noticed all the skills in this video? Do you think I can master special effect, really look again!

No, actually, I have only one disc purchased at my local shop, and because I am not really good we did several takes, and this little Macca went through more wheels that you can see here; no need to say that the first takes were not done with LMFAO…..

We can’t nor we wouldn’t smash all the jewel boxes on our own. You can help the environment by simply not buying anything wrapped in them!


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