Official Press Release: MINTpack enters the direct to consumer market

Press Release 21/02/2012

MINTpack enters the direct to consumer market

After gaining a foothold in major label album releases, MINTPack is releasing a “vanilla” blank packaging solution that will compete directly with empty Jewel Boxes sold in shops.

MintPack is an innovative FSC cardboard wallet used by professionals. We have now developed a blank version that consumers will be able to used to store their CD, DVD and Blu-Ray recordings. To date, this is the only alternative available to consumers looking for rigid packaging for their home produce discs.

Distribution channel is currently limited to Amazon and available only in Europe, but the objective is to make the product more widely available in the near future.

The Jewel Boxes sold everywhere in shops and online are produced from Polystyrene and, in most cases, in China. MINTpack offers the first environmentally friendly alternative that will reduce GHG emissions by 95%, and is developed and produced in Europe.

The product is vastly more environmentally friendly than polystyrene and is significantly cheaper and more flexible for domestic use.

At last, a new type of packaging is replacing the Jewel Box, the MINTpack!

MINTpack IT on Amazon


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