Kill the Jewel case

After successfully approaching the professionals with our new CD packaging, we are now hoping to shift 30 years of bad habits: we really want you to dissociate CDs from the ugly plastic box they usually come in.

For this reason we have now created blank packaging for consumers….I’m not sure who uses all these blank CD packages, but what I can tell you from the photos below is that shops still stock pile these plastic boxes!

Do they know something we don’t? Is the plastic box the next defence system in case of apocalypse?! I did try to ask the sellers; using very technical terminology I asked “who is buying this sh…t?” None were able to tell me but they all said it sells well.

What we know is all the boxes represent thousands of tonnes of polystyrene, certainly produced and shipped from China coming to clutter up the shop. Why don’t we have a reasonable local alternative? People will tell you it’s because the green option is more expensive.

So MINTpack, not content with trying (I stress ‘trying’) to transform the music industry, is now tackling the consumer! Our blank MINTpack is  much cheaper than the plastic competition, have a look for yourself (here ). We really want to demonstrate than green is not more expensive.

So fingers crossed that we will be able to increase the scale of this experience, one day we will take a picture without plastic!!!

Where to buy it or a least look for it: MINTpack IT and help us to stop that:


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