Official Press Release Macca and Gotye

Press Release 14/02/2012

At last, a new type of packaging is replacing the Jewel Box, the MINTpack!

Paul McCartney is releasing Kisses On the Bottom (Standard version) on this
innovative option.

You tube sensation Gotye is also releasing the European version of Making
Mirrors on MINTpack, this week.

After 30 years of supremacy, finally the Jewel Box, the plastic box around
your CD, has real competition. Approximately 400 million Jewel Boxes are
currently sold in Europe each year, producing in excess of 40 000 tons of
plastic. Greener carton based packaging has been around for a while but its
price has prevented it from taking a large share of the market (currently
carton based packaging accounts for only 15% of the market).

This year Odessa is launching the Mintpack. This new design is developed
and produced in Europe; it provides a green alternative to the JB that is
not only environmentally friendly, but also cheaper: a first in Europe.

Universal has already adopted this environmentally friendly innovation,
while all other majors are looking into it.

In its first couple of months of its existence half a million MINTpacks
have been produced.

Some recent major releases on MINTpack include:

Stevie Wonder “Classic Album Selection”
The Cure “Classic Album Selection”
Kathleen Edwards “Voyageur”
Paul McCartney “Kisses On The Bottom”
Gotye “Making Mirrors”

Please see our website for more information

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