Once upon a time, they were saying…..

(Almost imaginary exchange of views with Mark Thomas)
Dear Mark,
True, digi is a very good alternative to the old jewel box and in all cases to be preferred for environmental reasons.
The main trouble with digi (if we ignore the fact that the inside tray is still plastic),  is the cost. And trust me, I have been working for years to promote Digi, but we did not overcome this problem. This issue of cost prevented the  adoption of this clever packaging; today, when the Europe is on the peak of the environmental consciousness, digi is only 16% of the European market!
Up to now, there was not much choice: it was either digi or jewel case. But now when we have found the magic formula. We have MINTpack, a product more environmentally friendly than digipack and cheaper than jewel box. I am sure you’ll hear from us soon! We’re here to change the world!
Take care,
MINTpack team
Digipack – The Environment Friendly CD DVD Packaging Option By:
“A good packaging is essential after the completion of CD, DVD replication and duplication to protect the media from getting scratches and other types of exposure damage.
It is essential to choose a packaging that enhances your product and helps in its promotion and marketing. Today, there are various types of packaging options to choose from such as jewel cases, unprinted wallets, CD slim cases, Digipaks or calm shells after the procedure of CD copying and DVD copying is completed.
Of all these CD packaging options, you can opt for Digipak packaging if you are looking for an environmental friendly packaging option.This CD and DVD packaging comes in double thickness card, hardback or textured cover options made from environmental friendly materials. The number of folded pages, trays and booklets can be designed as per the requirements of the customer. A Digipack can flip open like a book, or it can have three parts with one portion of the packaging opening to the right and one to the left, with the CD in the center portion. Usually, the portion of the Digipack that hold the CD is made of plastic like a traditional jewel case CD – the plastic part is simply attached to the paper background.Reasons behind the popularity of Digipack CD packaging

As Digipacks are made of soft cardboards they don’t crack like jewel cases do. In fact, after prolong use the paper begins to peel apart and separate and can be used later after recycling.

The trays in Digipacks are soft and thus provide full protection to the outer layer of the CD and DVD discs from getting scratched.

Digipack look nice as it has got more space to show the creativity of the graphic designers. Moreover, anything that is packaged differently has a better chance of attracting users and standing out from the crowd.

Digipak packaging is quite durable as most of the Digipak CD packaging service providers coat the raw printed paper with a protective UV matte or UV gloss finish.

One strong reason for the increased popularity of Digipak is due to its being a more environmentally friendly packaging solution as compared to jewel cases because they are usually made of recycled papers. The printed cardboards used in Digipak are biodegradable as well as recyclable.

In a Digipak packaging apart from the discs it can also store booklet and poster pockets.

The best thing about Digipak packaging is its various configuration options. Here from a single CD or DVD disc folder to compilation binders or boxed sets can be ordered which is not possible with other forms of packaging such as jewel cases, unprinted wallets, CD slim cases or calm shells.

Moreover, Digipak can be decorated with elaborate graphics inside and out. Due to use of high quality of graphically versatile paper in Digipaks, text and images in bright vibrant colors can be embossed in glossy finish.

Even though Digipacks are bit more expensive as compared to traditional liner notes and jewel cases, it is the positive side of this CD packaging option that has helped in making it popular in the market.”


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