A while ago….

A while ago we were reporting reaching 4 M MINTpack and now we are at 15 M!!! Now we averaging 10 MINTpack in the UK chart every week…. and more than 1000 artists, 40 labels are now in MINTpack and not only young artists like Kathleen, we have two Beatles , Bob Marley, Gotye too and so so many more … Continue reading

Sistrionix launches on MINTPack

There’s a newcomer on the MINTPack block: LA-based duo Deap Vally are set to release their debut album Sistrionix on 24 June. The cover features singer/guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards in a back-to-back soft-focused composition that echoes Deep Vally’s heart logo. The wind-whipped-haired pair have been making a splash since their debut track … Continue reading

Mixtape memories

Last week, Sophie Heawood‘s article in The Guardian on the pitfalls of streaming music and the power of the CD made the rounds online. Having gotten rid of the clutter of all her CDs, records and tapes, she deplored that the compressed sound of streamed media left it flat and emotionless. Listening on my laptop wasn’t … Continue reading

New MintPack releases

It’s hard to believe it’s June already. Half of 2013 has already gone by a in a blur of soggy festivals, atrocious weather, and reducing the plastic nasties we dump on the planet, one MINTPack at a time. We’re always pleased when new artists decide to “go cardboard” for their new albums, no matter how … Continue reading

MINTPacked: Paul McCartney, Kisses on the Bottom

The last time we saw Paul McCartney, he was camped outside Buckingham Palace, silhouetted against a psychedelic rainbow, belting out something about a mystery tour: So it comes as a little surprise to find that his latest album Kisses on the Bottom, released on MINTPack, is a work of grace and restraint. Featuring covers of … Continue reading

Another green festival: Sunrise

A couple of months ago we were very excited about the festival season, and the flurry of green initiatives festival organisers have started implementing. If you’re anything like us, you might be feeling a little bit deflated, because so far festival season looks set to be a little bit like this: There’s still a whole … Continue reading

Feelin’ blue (ray)

Tired of tinny, choppy tunes coming from your Spotify playlist? It’s not all doom and gloom for lovers of the physical media: Universal’s just announced plans to launch a new format  called Blu-Ray Pure Audio, that will deliver much better sound quality than an MP3 player. The time is right for high-quality audio on disc … Continue reading